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To contribute to the achievement of SDG 10 on reducing social inequalities, NTT DATA EMEAL has a large number of third- sector allies through which it develops initiatives focused largely on reducing the digital divide in the most vulnerable groups, female empowerment, STEAM talent development or the support of technology for the fulfilment of human rights. One of these valuable partners is the Teaming Foundation, of which NTT DATA is a founding trustee and which, since its creation, has raised more than €42 million that have gone directly to the implementation of thousands of charitable initiatives.

At the same time, the entire volunteer offer of the company and the NTT DATA Europe & Latam Foundation is channelled through 'The Blue Wave', the NTT DATA EMEAL volunteering portal.

Social commitment projects

‘The Blue Wave’
Volunteering Portal

Online platform for the management of NTT DATA Volunteering activities.

  • 8,814
    • Visitors
  • 783
    • Registered users
  • 648
    • Volunteers participating through the portal
  • 36
    • Published volunteer activities


Online platform to raise funds for social causes with micro donations of €1 a month.

  • + €42 M
    • Raised since the outset
  • +8.7 M€
    • Raised in FY22
  • 359,506
    • Active teamers
  • 9,697
    • Solidarity projects
  • 13%
    • Global growth

‘Hot Meal’ project (Romania)

Collaboration in the preparation of daily menus to feed various vulnerable groups in Cluj-Napoca.

  • 17
    • Volunteers

Collaboration with Samuel Heinicke Institute (Germany)

Improvement of the facilities of the ‘Samuel Heinicke’ German school for students with hearing impairments with the creation of a children's playground that serves as a green classroom.


Lab2Market (Portugal)

An initiative in collaboration with IST and i-Deals to support research teams as they develop their projects and patents, transforming them into products that can be marketed.

  • 4
    • Projects supported
  • 4
    • Teams
  • 4
    • NTT DATA mentors
  • €25,000
    • Value of resources used

Escola 42 (Portugal)

School to promote the training of STEAM talent and which functions as a complement to the traditional education system.

Mais Impacto (Portugal)

Portuguese initiative to reduce digital inequalities by providing technological tools to non-profit organisations so that they can become more efficient in achieving their goals and increasing their impact.

  • 5
    • Programs implemented in NGOs since 2020
  • €150,000
    • In value of resources used since 2020
  • 25
    • Employees involved in carrying out projects since 2020

Reyes Magos de Verdad (Spain)

Project to return hope to children, the elderly and the most vulnerable people through a selfless Christmas gift made by employees.

  • 817
    • Volunteers

Solidarity races

In Fiscal Year 22, 1,936 NTT DATA EMEAL professionals added kilometres to our solidarity race total.


NTT DATA Europe & Latam Foundation

Committed to entrepreneurship and digital education

The NTT DATA Europe & Latam Foundation, which is 100% funded by the company, aims to stimulate entrepreneurship and promote the development of digital skills in adults, children and adolescents.

Thanks to the altruistic commitment of volunteers, they make technology an essential tool for generating value in all the countries where we are present.

NTT DATA Europe & Latam Foundation projects:

Technology Olympics

Under the premise of “Play and Make it”, the program promotes initiatives to reduce the digital divide, promote computational thinking and bring children and young people closer to programming.

  • +1,600
    • Participants
  • +300
    • Volunteers
  • 10
    • Countries
  • 50
    • Educational centres
  • 5
    • Languages


Awards for technological entrepreneurship with social impact. For innovative projects in sectors such as biotechnology, mobility, industry, digital business, etc.

  • +590
    • Evaluated projects

School of Digital Talent

Intensive Bootcamp in programming, oriented towards employability, for adults with no previous programming experience.

  • +6,700
    • Inscribed
  • 90
    • Participants
  • 6
    • Countries
  • 75
    • Mentors

Your Social Awards

This program seeks to recognise the company's professionals who lead technological and innovative projects with clear socially and environmentally responsible components that transform the environments in which they are developed.

  • 21
    • Projects presented
  • 6
    • Editions