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Ethical artificial intelligence

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During the current fiscal year, we have closely followed the regulatory developments by the European Commision on artificial intelligence (AI), developing new services in response to these and participating in the research and dissemination of best practices available for the responsible use of AI.

Ethical artificial intelligence projects:

Trustworthy AI Paper

We help CDOs and CIOs develop AI that is reliable, accountable, ethical and compliant with AI regulatory frameworks.

Ethical considerations of Generative AI paper

We analyze how generative AI aligns with the different European frameworks, such as the trustworthy AI requirements or the AI Act and the different ethical challenges of its implementation.


We are one of the main partners of the Center of Innovation for Data tech and Artificial Intelligence (CIDAI) where we collaborate in different areas of research and training in new techniques that respond to the ethical challenges of Artificial Intelligence.


Designing AI Services for People: We celebrate the second edition of LabS IA in collaboration with the SERES Foundation, with the aim of helping companies design people-centered AI services.