Road to Net Zero

Horizon 2030

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On our path to Net Zero, NTT DATA EMEAL has committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, by 60% in direct and indirect emissions from electricity consumption and by 30% in supply chain emissions. 

Milestones achieved in FY22:

76% renewable energy

Of the total renewable energy, 56% has a ‘Guarantee of Origin’ and the remaining 20% comes from the countries' electricity grid mix.

  • 2,863
    • Reduction of 2,863 tCO2e in our electricity consumption
  • 3
    • Countries with 100% GoO electricity
  • 4
    • More countries with GoO
  • 63,000
    • kWh per year produced by photovoltaic plates in Italy

Sustainable building

14 LEED offices (Spain, Germany, Italy, Romania, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and Peru), 3 BREEAM offices (Spain and Romania) and 1 WELL office (Spain).

  • 51%
    • Of our area is in sustainable buildings
  • NTT DATA Tower (Barcelona)
    • Acknowledged as the most sustainable office in Europe and the second in the world.
  • The Sign NTT DATA (Milan)
    • LEED Platinum, with a score of 92 out of 110.

Emissions compensation: carbon footprint of NTT DATA Portugal

NTT DATA Portugal is the first country to become Net Zero by offsetting its FY21 emissions with certified reforestation projects.

Emissions Offsetting - business travel

We have worked  with more sustainable suppliers that offer low-carbon services.