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the initial space occupied by your digital content before deletion (screenshot).


digital content from the cloud and from your corporate PC (duplicates, downloads...).


your corporate email (sent, old, copies...).


programs and Apps in disuse.


the resulting amount after digital erasure (screenshot).

Tasks as simple as sending an email, storing files or chatting or video chatting have a negative impact on the environment.

NTT DATA EMEAL currently stores more than 1.5 million Gigabytes on its servers for business continuity. This translates into 311 tonnes of CO2, approximately 10% of our total carbon footprint, or 890 aeroplane trips from Milan to Tokyo.

However, you as an employee can contribute to reducing this footprint.

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    To check your GB, go to Windows Explorer, right click and click on Properties. Remember to take a screenshot before and after the removal.