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Through University, NTT DATA EMEAL promotes the integral development of people through a personalised culture of continuous learning so that professionals can develop their full potential.

We have various training plans, such as Festival of Learning (FoL), more general training plans aligned with our career model (functions, knowledge and competencies), sectoral training architectures, languages or certifications, among others, to train all professionals regardless of their location and unit.

e-learning to bridge any gaps

Given that information and communication technologies have become the new paradigm of the 21st century that underpins the material basis of our lives, work and social relations, NTT DATA EMEAL is committed to e-learning as a tool to tackle new learning and training processes and, in short, to promote quality education that brings the most vulnerable groups closer to full equality of opportunities.

Digital education projects

Parnership with Technovation Girls

Participation in Technovation Girls, a competition that inspires girls around the world to learn and develop skills to solve social and environmental problems through technology.

  • 179
    • Resgistrations
      • 73 Girls
      • 67 Mentors
      • 39 Juzges
  • 19
    • Teams
  • 15
    • Countries represented

Security Ninja (Italy)

NTT DATA Italia project to raise awareness among children about the risks of the internet and motivate them towards safe browsing.

  • 67
    • Meetings
  • +1,300
    • Students
  • 272
    • Teaching hours
  • 40
    • Teachers
  • 49
    • Educational centres

Coach & eDuo Project with Éxit Foundation (Spain)

Volunteering focused on motivating and improving the labor integration of young people in vulnerable situations.

  • 23
    • Volunteers
  • 23
    • Students
  • 4
    • Cities

Talent Camps (Argentina)

Integrated training itineraries for technical training in .NET Initial., FullStack and Java to people pursuing university careers in technology-related areas in Argentina and their subsequent incorporation into the workforce. 

  • 68
    • Participants