Diversity and Inclusion


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NTT DATA EMEAL has a global strategy and framework for action on Diversity and Inclusion for which it has developed the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy, whose purpose is to align the organisation with a diversity approach that ensures the equity and inclusion of our professionals, while making them a positive asset within our community.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

The strategy designed for the coming years presents lines of commitment and action focused on promoting and communicating local actions, as well as the inclusion of people with disabilities and the increase of gender diversity in senior management, increasing the presence of women in the executive layer while balancing the number of women at all levels of the organisation.

Diversity and Inclusion Projects


Bootcamp to incorporate people with disabilities to our staff.

  • 850
    • Teaching hours
  • 6
    • Months of training
  • 24
    • Students

Team Espada

NTT DATA professionals accompany Carlos García Espada, Partner Director affected by ELA towards the 14th time that Team Espada reaches a goal.

  • 160
    • Volunteers
  • 220
    • Runners


Púlsar project to empower adolescent girls developed by NTT DATA Foundation.

  • NTT DATA Foundation
  • +230
    • Mentees
  • 8
    • Cities
  • 4
    • Countries

Partnership and Hakaton with Laboratolia (Chile, Colombia & Brazil)

We train women in digital skills through bootcamps in collaboration with Laboratoria.

  • 100
    • Women participated in the Hackaton

Diversity Talks

To raise awareness of different diversities within the company.

  • +25
    • Diversity talks
  • +5000
    • Participants

AutismoTech (Brasil)

High impact project for the autistic community with workshops and hackathons as platforms for social transformation, empowerment and inclusion.

STEAM Talent

The main risks associated with meeting the performance indicators are the shortage of STEAM talent and the gender gap in these disciplines, which is why the company is promoting initiatives in the e-learning framework to work towards bridging the digital and gender divide.